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appliance Disposal

Stove, Washer, OR Apartment size Refrigerator



Washer & Dryer Set Disposal

Two Small Stove Size Items



Residential Oversize Appliance

Double door Refrigerator OR

Oversize Stove


* Appliance Removal and Disposal Starting at Only $99

WOW! Only $99... Schedule your appliance pickup and save! Call and schedule your refrigerator pickup, or washer and dryer disposal and save on our Appliance Special.


  1. Schedule ahead your appliance pickup, and make it readily available for pick up.

  2. Appliance locations; Garage area, driveway, curbside, sidewalk, side of house walkway. 

  3. Removal from inside of a building please add $25.00. (Not connected)

  4. Disconnection of any hose, cable, or doors removal add $25.00.

  5. Food inside refrigerators will have a charge of $50.00.

Stress FREE Appliance Disposal in Palmdale and Lancaster CA

How do I throw away an appliance? Can you donate an old refrigerator? Refrigerator recycling near me? Free appliance removal? Refrigerator recycling locations? Washer removal cost? Waste Management refrigerator pick up? refrigerator and appliances removal price?...


These are just some of the questions the average consumer have once they are ready to dispose of an old appliance. Obviously, your refrigerator does not fit in your trash can, nor can you leave it in the curb with your garbage. Do not even think about throw in them in a dumpster!

Disposing of your old refrigerator and stove in Palmdale and Lancaster CA might not be a walk in the park. However, an appliance removal pro from can help you dispose of a washer and dryer in Palmdale and Lancaster CA. We can do a refrigerator donation to a charity if its in great shape. Otherwise, we can recycle your old appliances, or lastly dispose of it responsibly.

All we need to do now is to simply schedule a refrigerator and appliance pick up. Choose a date and time for your appliance pick up. We will follow up to confirm your old appliance pick up and other details. Please make sure your refrigerator and appliances are free of food items, and ready to be removed​ by our professional and friendly appliance removal pro!

Is that easy!

661 Junk Removal

       To The Rescue!

Palmdale & Lancaster Appliance Disposal, Refrigerator Removal and Appliance Recycling Local service. Schedule your appointment online or by

calling 661-606-1987.


Your Local stress free Appliance removal company will haul away Refrigerators and Stoves for you! Schedule a pick up Today!

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