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Palmdale & Lancaster Hot Tub Disposal, Hot Tub Removal and Hot Tub Recycling Local service. Schedule your appointment online or by calling 661-606-1987.


Your Local stress free Hot Tub removal company will haul away Hot Tub or Jacuzzi for you! Schedule a pick up Today!

Hot Tub Removal and Disposal Starting at Only $599*


hot tub Disposal

Single Hot tub 6' x 6'



large hot tub   Disposal

Single Hot tub 8' x 8'



Hot tub/spa

& simple enclosure/gazebo

Hot tub + simple

gazebo or enclosure.


Stress FREE Hot tub Disposal in Palmdale and Lancaster CA

Are you ready to dispose of a Hot tub/spa in Palmdale, or Lancaster CA?  Obviously, your Hot tub does not fit in your trash can, nor can you leave it in the curb with your garbage. Do not even think about throw in it in a dumpster; it won't fit!

Disposing of your old Hot tub and spa in Palmdale and Lancaster CA might not be an easy task. However, a Hot tub removal pro from can help you dispose of a Hot tub or spa in Palmdale and Lancaster CA. Hot tubs and spas can not be donated to a charity; even if it is in great shape and still works. Therefore, we will dispose of your old hot tub or spa responsibly and take your old spa to the landfill. Any recyclable materials like the water pump or electrical cables will be recycle properly at a local recycling facility.

ARE YOU READY TO GET RID OFF THE UGLY SPA? All we need to do now, is to simply schedule a Hot tub pick up. Choose a date and time for your Hot tub pick up. We will follow up to confirm your Hot tub pick up and other details. Please make sure the water from your Hot tub have been remove, its empty and free of debris. Also, please do not forget to move any vehicles, or household items that might be on our path to load and haul away the hot tub/spa from your Palmdale and Lancaster CA home. Our professional and friendly Hot tub removal pro will take care of the rest!

Yes, is that easy!

661 Junk Removal

       To The Rescue!

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